Thursday, December 22, 2011

How Deep Are Your Dreams

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word "dream" as a visionary creation of the imagination; a strongly desired goal or purpose.

One of my favorite records is called "Dreams" by the Wamdue Kids (to listen, click this video link: . In this classic release from 1995, they ask the question, "In the back of your mind, how deep are your dreams?"

We all have dreams for our lives, many of which date back from our early childhood. As children we often dreamed about getting our favorite toy for Christmas or perhaps that pet we have always wanted. But also while still a child we often dreamed about our future (our career, marriage, social status, etc). Dreams are often the root for the life goals we set for ourselves. We choose our paths in life based on how deeply rooted those dreams are within us. How deep are your dreams? Are you living out your dreams today?

It is a wonderful feeling when our dreams manifest into reality. But what about when "life" happens, and your dreams fall apart? Your dream came true when you married the love of your life, but now you are getting divorced. Your dream came true to buy the home you've always wanted, but now you're losing it due to foreclosure. Your dream came true to start your business, but business has been slow and you will soon be forced to shut it down. Your dream came true to get the job you've always wanted only later to be fired with no explanation. Your dream to graduate from college with the degree you've always desired came true, but the student loan payments are so expensive it has drastically lowered your quality of living.

What do you do when it all falls apart? How do you go on after the beautiful picture of your life long dreams shatter before your very eyes? This is one of the most challenging tests of our faith.

Hebrews 11:1-3 (NIV)
"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for. By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible."

We had confidence in our dreams (believing the dream could become our reality). Because of this confidence we eagerly pursued our dreams with assurance. Therefore we must ask if we have kept the faith believing GOD would make our dreams come true, why did GOD allow the dream to fail? This is a very difficult question to answer. I do not claim to have the absolute answer to this question because GOD's ways & thoughts are far beyond human comprehension. However through my own experience GOD has given me a revelation which is helping me and I want to share it with you.

Notice I wrote, "helping" (presence tense - now) verses "helped" (past tense - then). It's great when a person can encourage someone else by sharing how they "came out" of a situation. Sometimes it is more helpful to encourage someone while you are currently "in" a situation (also known as "transparency"). Sure, we all feel better after a situation is over, but how do we make it through each day until "over" happens? I know what it is like to have my marriage fail and end in divorce, to watch a dream career fall apart right before my eyes, to be evicted and lose a home, to have my cars repossessed, to be in debt, to have my good credit become bad credit, and to watch my good name and reputation destroyed. I know what it is like to see these things happen despite my best efforts to prevent the worst. It is from this place I want to share this revelation with you.

One thing I have learned from studying the prophets of the Bible is they always seem to give a prophetic word "in part". Sure there were prophets like Isaiah who gave very detailed descriptions of what was to come, but even those details were not 100% point by point as to exactly how things would manifest. Even JESUS (the Son of GOD) left the disciples (and ultimately all of us) asking questions about certain subjects to which we still do not have full knowledge of today. The revelation I received is this . . . Even when we dream, GOD only reveals a portion of our story to us.

It is like going to the theater to watch a movie. Before the featured film starts, you first see what is commonly known as the, "coming attractions". You watch a coming attraction for a particular film and based on what you see it sparks your interest; causing you to want to see that film when it is released. GOD gives us dreams in the same way. HE places a desire in our heart which motivates us to move in a certain direction. Although GOD gives us this "vision" in our spirit, it is yet only a "coming attraction" for what is to come in our lives.

Here is one example . . . In the Old Testament (Genesis Chapter 37 thru Genesis Chapter 50), a teenaged boy named Joseph has dreams in which he sees himself ruling over his brothers. The dreams did not reveal specific details as to how this would happen. If so, perhaps Joseph would have considered keeping these dreams to himself because after sharing these dreams with his brothers they tried to kill him and ultimately sold him into slavery. When you have time you should read this story for yourself because the details are quite interesting and relevant. However to quickly summarize, after Joseph was sold into slavery, falsely accused of a crime, sentenced to prison, he emerged to become ruler over Egypt (2nd in command to Pharaoh), and ultimately saving the lives of an entire nation (which included his brothers).

My friends do not stop dreaming. Even if your dreams have fallen apart do not lose confidence in what you have hoped for. Instead be assured in what you do not see! Trust GOD, knowing HIS wonderful plan for your life has never changed. Things may not have turned out as you had planned but this does not mean the story of your life ends here. The good things GOD has prepared for you still exist! What GOD has meant for you to receive you will surely receive it! Your dreams are simply a tool GOD uses to point you in the direction of HIS will for your life. Do not be discouraged! Do not lose hope! Do not abandon your faith in JESUS CHRIST!

Your dreams are not the complete story of your life for GOD. Instead, they are the "coming attractions" of GOD's life for you!

I pray these words have been a blessing for you as they are for me (bringing us in closer relationship with our FATHER). Please feel welcome to reply and share your thoughts by posting them here or privately at

If this message has touched your heart and you do not know JESUS CHRIST as your Lord & Savior but want HIM in your life you can accept HIM right now wherever you are. Pray this prayer out loud, "Dear GOD, I ask forgiveness for all of my sins. I believe that JESUS CHRIST is your son. I believe that JESUS suffered and died on the cross, was buried, and was resurrected for me. I accept JESUS as my Lord & Savior. Come now and live in my heart. I accept you as head of my life. In the name of JESUS I thank you, Amen."

If you have just prayed this prayer I say to you "GOD bless you and Congratulations"! If you do not have a church home, pray and ask GOD to lead you to a local (Bible believing) church in your area where you can be baptized in the name of JESUS, fed the Word of GOD, and fellowship with other Christians.

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GOD bless you!